Marvelous INC.


In accordance with the Marvelous Handbook, which holds the aggregated fundamental principles of our business activities, the Marvelous Group, aiming to bring joy to people around the world, has been and will continue to be engaged in social contribution activities through the efforts described below.

Relations concerning the environment and local communities

Accommodating requests for work floor tours for preschoolers and students

Marvelous has been taking a proactive approach to accommodating requests for work floor tours as an extra-curricular activity for preschoolers and students. Thus Marvelous has been striving to aid visitors of pre-school and school-age toward realizing their dreams by allowing everyone to experience in direct contact the office environment and production processes of Marvelous and by using the opportunity for a frank exchange of opinions and aspirations for the future.

Support activities for UNICEF

Marvelous is a regular supporter of UNICEF through the Japan Committee for UNICEF, engaged in extending and promoting the protection of children's rights and the fulfillment of children's basic needs.

Activities in support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Marvelous has been conducting internal fund raising campaigns in support of UNHCR to enable refugees and displaced persons to end as quickly as possible their refugee status and return to a normal life in peace. Through the Japan Association for UNHCR (an official support organization of the UNHCR), the collected donations of Marvelous are put to good use toward the refugee support activities of the UNHCR.

Environmental awareness
  • Marvelous engages in environment conscious action such as cutting down on office paper consumption through reduced and double-sided paper usage and by promoting the changeover to electronic internal approval systems.
  • Umbrella stands installed at the offices of Marvelous are regularly checked for abandoned umbrellas, which are then donated for use by others.
  • PET bottle caps are collected and donated to the "Bottle Cap Piggy-Bank Promotion Network," an incorporated NPO.

Relations with shareholders and customers

Questionnaire survey of shareholders

Once each year Marvelous conducts a questionnaire survey which is mailed to shareholders together with the business report (Shareholder Communication) in order to research the interests, expectations, and complaints of shareholders. Marvelous works to use these survey results to enhance its future business activities and IR activities.

Observance of compliance

In order to ensure that the duties of board directors and employees are executed in accordance with laws, regulations, and the articles of incorporation, the Compliance Committee holds meetings at regular intervals and verifies the execution of job duties.

Risk management measures

In managing the risk of loss, the Risk Management Committee holds regular meetings and comprehensively considers management frameworks and methods for dealing with the varied risks facing Marvelous.

Information meetings on recent operations and results briefing meetings

After each general meeting Marvelous holds information meetings on recent operations for all shareholders and invites institutional investors to results briefings at each quarterly account closing, with explanations of business results, market trends, current performance status information, business strategies, and other information.

Relations with employees

Harassment counseling desk established

Marvelous has established Harassment Prevention Regulations in order to appropriately deal with problems at the work place caused by harassment.

Whistleblowing consultation desk established

Marvelous has enacted Whistleblower Protection Regulations in order to facilitate the quick discovery and correction of misconduct, etc., through appropriate handling mechanisms for consultations and reports from employees and business partners concerning unlawful action at the organizational or individual level.