Marvelous INC.

Business Domain

Digital Contents Business

Game Software

We are engaged in the planning, development, production, marketing, and commission-based development of game software for home-use game machines. The continuous expansion of serialized products is part of our work as much as the creation of new proprietary IP suitable for media mixing and merchandising. Other activities include content production in tune with market requirements, for example, promotion of the network business. Moreover, we maintain development frameworks capable of accommodating also new kinds of hardware that may emerge in the future. The commission-based development business, which covers the entire width of game development operations, has accumulated an ample track record and enjoys a sterling reputation.

Online Game

We are engaged in the planning, development, and operation of online games for App Store, Google Play, and SNS platforms. In order to provide the rapidly evolving online game market quickly and consistently with buzz-worthy content, we are engaged in proactive development efforts through alliances with other IPs in addition to our own. By promoting multi-use of original IP produced by Marvelous and multi-device compatibility of products for PC, mobile, smartphone, tablet and other devices, we work to diversify revenue streams.

Amusement Business

We plan, develop, sell and operate arcade machines. In addition to collaborating alliances with influential IPs, we also plan and develop original arcade machines. We have a long-term business model taking each customer’s needs into account when developing new products.

Audio & Visual Business

Audio & Visual

We continue to discover highly buzz-worthy content and are engaged in the creation and production of animation products, and the creation and commercialization of music and video content. We have also been focusing on the music and video content distribution business as well as the business operations surrounding secondary usage of content such as the sale of overseas programs.

Live Entertainment

We are engaged in the planning, producing, and promoting of stage productions and musicals based on manga comics, animation, and games (2.5 dimension musical production). Our operations include the creating and developing of popular long-sellers, and proactively promoting adaptations from stage productions to other media, such as the commercialization of music and video, distribution, the production of original merchandise, and the showing of live performances.